Auditing to VDA 6.3

What is VDA 6.3?

VDA 6 Part 3 is the Process Audit standard adopted by the German Automotive Industry. Whereas ISO 9000 is a standard for Quality Management Systems, VDA 6.3 is a standard for conducting Process Audits.

Who should be involved in this?

Anyone in your organization who would like to learn to conduct audits in compliance with VDA 6.3

What does the workshop look like?

This workshop is 80% hands-on auditing, customized completely around your processes. Curriculum includes the Product Lifecycle in the Supply Chain, the Process Audit and the Potential Analysis, a method for approving new suppliers. Our 3-day workshop follows the VDA 6.3 methodology for planning, executing, and documenting an audit. Attendees will conduct audits on your factory floor as part of the workshop.

This workshop meets the VDA 6.3 requirements for qualifying auditors.


Course Outline

Day One

  1. Introduction
  2. Guidance on the use of a Process Audit
  3. Auditor Qualifications
  4. The Audit Process Part 1
  5. Audit Contract
  6. Preparation
  7. Execution

Day Two

  1. The Audit Process Part 2
  2. Assessment
  3. Presentation of Results
  4. Final Evaluation and Closure

Day Three

  1. Qualifying a new Supplier using Potential Analysis
  2. Audit Contract
  3. Preparation
  4. Execution
  5. Wrap-up

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