Process Improvement

We don't do fads. We use many of the popular techniques in our approach to business process improvement, although we just call it "business process improvement." You may recognize the more popular names:

  1. 5S
  2. Workflow Analysis (Value Stream Analysis)
  3. Lean Manufacturing (Toyota Production System)
  4. Theory of Constraints
  5. Total Quality Management
  6. ISO 9000
  7. API Specification Q1
  8. SQF — Safe Quality Foods
  9. VDA 6.3

“During the process of implementing Lean and developing buy-in from the employees, the area went through massive changes. What was once a messy department became clean, organized, and the spawning ground for new ideas. The employees are extremely engaged and now have a vested interest in the department and the organization as a whole. We decreased our lead time from two weeks per order to 2-3 days. Altogether a very successful project.”

Tony Pauly, Vice President and General Manager

Ventana USA

BHD Technologies, Inc. 2015