Marketing and Creative

Advertising Management

Participants focus on the critical process of media strategy and project coordination. Topics include placement, purchasing, scheduling, project management, measurement and budget. Learn how to coordinate message and creative for various media platforms.

Customer Service

Understand how customer service impacts your organization, recognizing that internal customer service is as important as external customer service. This program helps participants assess their customer service performance, hear what customers are saying, establish service standards, empower employees to serve the customer, implement customer-serving processes and systems and recognize service excellence.

Lead Generation and Management

This program is designed to achieve current sales goals and position your organization for future success. Participants will engage in a process that helps them to effectively identify viable leads, set goals, practice time-tested lead management and close sales at a rate that will meet sales goals. Participants will learn to build a referral base utilizing current customers as well as influencers, and practice effective networking.

Multimedia Marketing Campaigns

Learn how to choose the media mix to effectively reach your target market and convey a message that supports your organization’s market plan and strategic goals. Media project management includes purchasing, scheduling and coordinating the message with creative elements. Gain an understanding of how to best translate your message across media platforms and time your campaigns to achieve maximum results.

Marketing Planning and Implementation

Learn how to write a market plan that supports your organization’s strategic plan and will be the centerpiece for all company marketing activities. This process includes writing a situation analysis, setting goals, budget and competitor research. Participants will be provided with the tools to create a plan of action that includes target market opportunities, methodology, actions, timing and measurable outcomes. Participants will also create a plan to communicate the company market plan to all internal stakeholders.

Sales Training

This course is intended to increase your current sales professional’s closing ratio. From making the connection to post-sales/closing follow-through, this course walks participants through a seven-step sales process including an overview of each step as well as key oversights often made at each of these steps. Learn how to build relationships with customers, successfully work through roadblocks and turn key concerns into selling points. A practice session provides opportunities for individuals to implement presenting to clients from a benefits, rather that a features perspective. The final step of this process gauges customer satisfaction and sets the tone for customer retention and referrals.

Marketing - Introduction

This course introduces participants to one of the most important areas of modern business. Marketing, in all its varied forms, is involved in all areas of a company — from attracting new customers, getting them to buy, and keeping them satisfied and coming back for more. Sub topics include: e-commerce, marketing in print, trade shows, strategy, branding, PR and publicity, direct marketing, and ten common marketing mistakes.


Marketing your company’s products and services has entered the world of the world wide web. And like it or not, if you don’t get involved with web-based marketing and e-commerce, you can count on your competitors to do it and find the customers that you can not find. Participants will review existing web-sites and marketing strategies to explore the various methods of bringing this wide new method of marketing to their organizations.

Adobe Creative Suite

Introduction courses through advanced training. The Adobe Creative Suite is the world’s premier software for developing creative content for all aspects of marketing and communications — from print design and logo creation, to photo manipulation and web site development — the Creative Suite offers a variety of tools to produce top-quality results.

Digital Photography in the Office

The world of photography was turned upside down with the development of high quality, affordable digital photography. But using and understanding this powerful new tool can sometimes be a bit difficult. This course introduces basic photography concepts and applies them to the office and workplace situations. Helping you use your camera and be productive as a result.

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