Model T Management

by Candace Kubenic

Four Model T Ford owners were sitting around a table discussing the glories and woes of this manufacturing marvel. Each one was proud of his vehicle and each one had his own theory about the best practice for getting maximum performance from his car.

The first believed that by simply dropping a camphor ball into his gas tank periodically he would eliminate any problems he was experiencing. As was true of most owners, he was not aware of the temperature, amount of fuel or the oil pressure of his Tin Lizzie. Whatever he knew about his car he learned through unexpected “developments.”

The next man at the table didn’t believe in investing in any of the “extras” such as windshield wipers, a self starter (after all, the car came with a crank), or a foot accelerator; all expensive items that would not guarantee operating improvements.

The third man purchased every gadget that came along; a Ruby Safety Reflector, a set of Moto Wings for the radiator, a toolbox that could be bolted to the running boards, an anti-rattler, a hood silencer, and rubber pedal covers. The effect was remarkable and his was the best looking car on the street.

The forth owner subscribed to the belief that if he left things alone when problems arose, the car would eventually fix itself. Everyone had heard of examples of this actually happening, hadn’t they?

What about you?

Are you practicing one of these Model T management practices to improve the performance of your greatest asset, your employees?

Start by asking yourself these questions.

- Do I have my finger on the pulse of what is happening at every level of my organization or am I surprised by unexpected developments?

- Do I provide the resources (time, equipment, training, etc.) that my workforce needs to become that high functioning team I envision?

- Am I like the third Model T owner who had all the bells & whistles; all the latest accessories to make his car look good but ultimately did nothing to improve its performance?

- Or do I ignore problems hoping they will resolve themselves without my intervention?

Model T owners also valued their cars. They got to know them well and knew under which conditions they operated best. They celebrated the accomplishments and overcame the difficulties of this fine machine.

What about you?

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