Introducing BHD Technologies, Inc.

BHD Technologies, Inc. is a business improvement consulting firm. We have helped organizations of all sizes, from Fortune 500companiesto small local businesses, to achieve performance improvements.

We specialize in:

  1. Leadership Team Development
  2. Process Improvement
  3. Organizational Culture Change
  4. Customized Workshops

“I am aware that what I say and what I mean can be interpreted differently, so I try to be clear. The Executive Coaching helped me professionally more than anything I’ve ever done before. It also had a direct positive impact on the President’s Council.”

Vicki Loucks, Vice President Quality Services

Redstone Highlands Senior Living Communities

We do not follow the fads. We do not believe in a “one-size-fits-all” solution. We customize everything, because we believe everything should be designed to fit you.

"I was personally moved by the way we were able to put together a team behind the main consultant that BHD provided… Thanks to BHD, we were able to continue addressing all aspects of customer satisfaction in terms of good quality garments, which is what our customers expect from us."

Luis G. Feliciano, President, Hanes Menswear, Inc.

Since 1998, we have helped clients improve culture, leadership, and performance. Our senior consultants have over twenty years of experience in industry. We build each project on the foundation of our Core Values:

  1. Truth
  2. Integrity
  3. Competence

This means that you can expect us to be honest with you about the changes needed to achieve your objectives. We will work with your organization with the high levels of integrity and competence that are required of Certified Management Consultants. And you can count on us to produce results.

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Auditing to VDA 6.3

The German Automotive Standard for Process Audits

If you serve the German Automotive Industry, you may be required to audit to VDA 6 Part 3, the Process Audit standard adopted by the German Automotive Industry.

“There is agreement between automobile manufacturers and suppliers on the execution of audits in accordance with this publication.”

VDA 6 Process Audit Part 3 Preface

We offer a workshop that will help your organization to:

•Understanding the VDA 6.3 Audit Process

•Understand the VDA 6.3 Process for Supplier Qualification

•Complete an Internal Audit to the requirements of VDA 6.3

•Complete a Potential Analysis

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